25 Jun





5th Annual Summer Bash

WOD 1  (10 Min Cap)

2 Rounds

40 Thrusters (men) /Front Squats (women) 100lbs

20 Syncro Bar Facing OTB Burpees

5 Rope Climbs 15/12

Scaled/Masters = 55lbs

Scaled = 2x Lower Raises

WOD 2 (9 Min Cap)

1 Full Round Each

30/25 Cal Bike

10 D Ball Over The Shoulder 88/66lbs

10 Meter D Ball Toss Over The Head

10 D Ball Over The Shoulder

10 Meter D Ball Run

Scaled/Masters = 66/40lbs

WOD 3 (16 Min Cap)

800 Meter Run (200m intervals)

40 Chest 2 Bar (men) Pull Ups (women)

40 Power Clean and Jerk (men) Power Clean (women) 100lbs

160 Double Unders ( Partner 2-male overhead hold/female front rack hold 100lb barbell)

40 Toes 2 Bar

40 Alternating 1 Arm Dumbbell Snatch 70/45lbs

Scaled =

Ring Rows

Clean and Jerk/Power Clean 55lbs

Single Unders (Fat Rope)

Knees Up

Dumbbell Snatches 50/25lbs


Pull Ups

Power Clean/Clean and Jerk 55lbs

DB Snatch 55/35lbs


Anyone can do the partner fun, every WOD can be scaled

Guy/Girl Teams

$15 Per Person Pre-Pay/$20 Per Person Same Day Sign Up

Teams are chosen based on fairness

You may choose a teammate if it’s fair

Same sex teams are allowed if we are lopsided


Dinner at 7 TBA

Talk to a trainer for more details