23 Sep



We Back the Blue

What is We Back the Blue?

Our gym was invited to join the Redding Peace Officers fundraiser event called, “We Back the Blue.” There is a multitude of festivities at the Redding Elks Lodge and our gym is doing a display of fitness to help raise money. This is our gym getting together and doing 1-3 partner workouts to help promote our community and raise money for the Redding Peace Officers. The workouts are:

WOD 1 (10:15 AM)

1 at a time

27 Burpees

9 D Ball OTS

400m Run

Next person starts when the person in front begins the run

WOD 2 (12:30 PM)

With A Partner

70 Push Ups

60 KB Swings

50 Sit Ups

40 KB Front Squats

WOD 3 (1:30 PM)

1 at a time

200m Sandbag Run

20 Sandbag Squats

200m Run

When person A runs the 200m Person B begins the WOD.

Feel free to run with the sandbag runner as many times as you would like.