10 Mar



2 Rounds

3 (On) 1 OFF

30 KB Swings 70/44

Max Box Facing Burpee Box Jump Overs 24/20

2 Rounds

30/24 Cal Rower

Max Power Cleans 155/105

Score= BF BBJ Overs + Power Cleans

Note- Do WOD 1/ Do WOD 2/ Do WOD 1/ Do WOD 2

Power Cleans

Every 2:30

All Singles

5-5 (70-75%)

3-3-3 (80+)

KB Juggling Progression 

30 on 15 OFF

2x Release (2 Handed swing where you release and catch the KB with 2 hands.)

2x Catch and Release Hand to Hand (Swing with one hand and catch with the other)

2x Drummer Boy (2 Handed swing where you release and do a drummer tap with 2 hands)

2x Tators (2 Handed swing where you catch the bottom of the bell in a squat) Flip the bell or transition 

2x BackFlip (Start with 2 hands catch with 1) BackFlip the KB 1 Rotation

2x Single Arm Back Flip 

2x KB Clean and Jerk (Left and Right)

2x KB Snatch (Left and Right)


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