11 Jan



Northern California Classic Qualifier Workouts

Another Hot Mess

For Time:

21 Cal Assault Bike

7 Shoulder 2 Overhead 185/125

15 Cal Assault Bike

5 Shoulder 2 Overhead 

9 Cal Assault Bike

3 Shoulder 2 Overhead 

7 min time cap 

3RM Snatch

Complete 3 Snatches within 5 minutes

Athletes must hit the same weight 3 times for it to count as a scored lift.

Class Lifting

We will do an EMOTM for 10 Min to warm up.

We will then do a 5 min window to establish a 3 rep max

We will do another 5 min window to establish another 3 rep max. 

Movement Prep

30 On 15 OFF

Strict Press

Narrow Grip High Pulls

Behind The Neck Jerk

Overhead Squats

High Hang Snatch

Low Hang Snatch



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