28 Sep



Partner Friday

P.1 200m Sandbag Run 100/60

P.2 100m Sled Pull Backwards 50/25

40 Cal Row   P.2 Plank

50 KB Swings  70/44

P.2 200m Sandbag run

P.1 100m Sled Pull Backwards

40 Chest 2 Bar

60 Deadlifts 225/155

40 Chest 2 Bar

P.1 200m Sandbag Run

P.2 100m Sled Drag Backwards

40 Cal Row   P.2 Plank

50 KB Swings

P.2 200m Sandbag Run

P.1 100m Sled Drag Backwards

SATURDAY 29th  10-1

We Back the Blue

Redding Elks Lodge

We are hosting a display of fitness for the We Back the Blue fundraiser. There will be 3 workouts, all mild, with basic moves to show the community what CrossFit is and to raise money. Please show up to do 1,2,or all 3 workouts. You are more than welcome to come hang out and not do a workout but please show up to support us and our Redding Police Officers.