5 Apr



Partner Friday

Spring Fling WOD plus some more

50ft Ball Carry On Belly

60 Toes 2 Bar

50 Box Facing Burpee Box Jump Overs 20″ Long Ways

40 Step Up and Overs 55/35 DB’s 20″ Long Ways

30 D Ball OTS  154/110

20 Bar Muscle Ups

50ft Ball Carry On Belly

13 Min Cap

Next WOD Starts at 18 Min

4 Alternating Rounds

50ft Farmer Carry 106/70s

25 WB Shots  30/20

50ft Farmer Carry

50 Double Unders


50 Cal Rower  P.2 Farmer Carry Hold

35min cap

Note- Since the Spring Fling is Guy/Girl only one person has to carry the ball if it’s same sex teams.

Spring Fling April 13th

We need judges, food, teams and spectators. Please come be apart of our community event.


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