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Once you have decided that CrossFit is the best solution for your fitness needs, try a free class.

We offer a FREE Community Saturday class at 9 AM (Always). We also offer a FREE TRIAL WEEK but we would appreciate a text or email to notify us that you’re coming in to begin your fitness journey. Come in 15 min early to sign a waiver (print it out directly here), stretch and get acquainted with some of your fitness comrades.


The next step is to schedule one class with a personal trainer.

This is a one hour personal training session with a trainer to go over the basics of CrossFit. You will learn our general warm up, a few self-care practices along with some basic bodyweight and barbell moves. After your movement session, you will complete a basic workout. Once the workout is finished we will talk about some fundamental CrossFit methodology, our philosophy and how we can all work to achieve your health and fitness goals. After your personal training session, you’re free to attend any class.

Now that you are free to attend any class, make sure to show up a few minutes early to take care of any aches, pains or bodily needs.

Don’t be shy, everyone has a story and was once a beginner. Most are more than willing to help and if they can’t, our staff will always be heading each class to make sure you get the best possible CrossFit experience. The community is a source of knowledge and is always willing to help with any health-related questions. Now that you are a part of this great community I will leave you with this one thing to remember. Creating lasting improvement to movement and general health takes a lot of patience and time, so just keep showing up.


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We are a movement based, fitness facility with universal scalability making it the perfect application for any committed individual regardless of experience. We are located at 19859 Hirsch Ct #A, Anderson 96007.