23 Sep



Every 2 Minutes for 30 Minutes

-5 Rounds at one station, 15 rounds total

-45-50 Seconds per move, per person

Station 1: Rowing / Muscle Ups ( Bar or Rings) Pull Ups

Station 2: DB Handstand Push Ups to a Devils Press  55/40s / Double Unders

Station 3: Bike / Box Facing Burpee Box Jump Overs 24/20

Set Up

Rowers by the rig.

Boxes by the bikes.

Jump rope wherever available.

WOD Notes

Example: P.1 Does 45-50 seconds of Rowing while P.2 Does Pull Ups or Muscle ups(Ring or Bar).

-At the one minute mark they switch. P.2 Does Pull Ups/ Mups while P.2 Rows.

-They Repeat this for five rounds at one station before moving to the next station.

-DB HSPU To A Devils Press: Do a HSPU with DB’s then do a Devils Press. Repeat.

-Scaled DB HSPU: Do 3 Push Ups then a Devils Press.

Clock Set Up 

15 Rounds

2 (On) 0 (OFF)

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