27 May



Partner Friday 

200 WB Shots 20/14

100 Power Snatch 75/55

50 Bar Muscle Ups (100 Pul Ups)

35 Min Cap

After Partner 1 and Partner 2 Have gone there is a penalty before you may resume.

WB – 100m Partner Carry

Power Snatch – 100m Run Together

Bar Muscle Ups – 100m SandBag Run Together

Example – P.1 Does 25 WB, P.2 Does 25 WB’s, then they do a 100m partner run. Yes the penalty does apply if P.2 Finishes the move. You will have to perform the penalty before the next move.

Memorial Day Murph 7 AM, 9 AM (Daycare) and 4:30 PM

June 5th, 9Th Annual Summer Bash (Full) Spectators Wanted


Pool Party and Food 6 PM. Ask about details


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