9 Feb



Partner Friday

80 Cal Row (P.2 Sandbag Deadlift Hold)
40 Handstand Push Ups 4″ Deficit 
400m Sandbag Run 100/60 (P.2 Jogs next to P.1)
4 Rope Climbs 15/13
60 GHD Sit Ups
30 D Ball OTS 154/110
300ft HS Walk (crab walk) (10x ↓↑ Total)
4 Rope Climbs 15/13
50 Toes 2 Bar
70 KB Deadlifts 106/70s
600ft Farmer Carry  (20x ↓↑total)
4 Rope Climbs 15/13

35min cap

Note- 30ft ↑ 30ft ↓
Rope Climbs are touch and go for RX. That means you can’t pause at the ground. You have to rebound jump for the second rope climb.


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