23 Jun



7th Annual Summer Bash

9-1 (Participants 8:15)



Feel free to come hang out

Dinner CR Gibbs 7PM

WOD 1 9min cap 

For Time:

50ft D BALL RUN (on belly)

60 Toes 2 Bar

30 D Ball OTS 133/88

50ft D BALL RUN (on belly)

WOD 2 7min 

Girls Lift/ Then Guys Lift

For Weight

1 Squat Clean

1 Hang Squat Clean

1 Jerk

WOD 3 11min cap

For Time:

27 Power Cleans 135/85

9 Rope Climbs 15/13

21 Power Cleans

5 Rope Climbs

135 Double Unders P.2 Front Rack Hold

WOD 4 18min cap

For Time:

50ft Worm Walking Lunges 150

50 Worm Squats

50 Lateral Over The Worm Burpees (2 foot jump and land)

50ft Worm Walking Lunges

50ft Handstand Walk (100ft crab walk forward)

50 C2B (guys) Pull Ups (girls)

50ft Handstand Walk (100ft crab walk forward)


Scaled score cannot beat an RX

If you have to scale ask about scaling options


If HS Walk 25ft/ If Crab Walk Forward 50ft.

Partner 1 must complete the full section before P.2 May begin.

If hs walk falls restart at nearest 5ft mark. If Crab walk touches ground, they restart at 25ft marker.

Once you choose you have to stick with it on each section. You may hs walk first part and crab walk second part.

If you cap out all moves not completed are added to time.

Please ask questions this week if you are unclear on anything.